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product codes 2

product description product code
interior steel disc 07108
exterior sinter disc 08107Si
exterior disc 111085011
exterior disc 111089009
exterior disc 111151020
interior disc 111152016
exterior steel disc 111235014
counter/mating steel plate 111239027
exterior disc 111338040
exterior disc 112080015
interior disc 112081011
exterior disc with sinter 112106017
exterior disc 112108014
exterior disc 112133009
exterior disc 112133023
disque extérieur 112165030
exterior disc with sinter 112190018
exterior disc 112405040
counter/mating plate 121088020
counter/mating steel plate 121093015
exterior disc 121104015
exterior plate 121126048
counter/mating steel plate 121129015
exterior disc 121130020
exterior disc 121130025
exterior disc 121141016
interior plate 121250040
outer disc/plates with tufftridings 122112016
outer disc/plates with tufftridings 122124015
exterior disc 122125015
exterior disc 122144016
outer disc/plates with tufftridings 122150014
exterior disc 122164016
exterior disc 123354025
plate 132164029
interior disc 161066020
interior plate 161079015
interior plate 161080015
interior plate 161083006
counter/mating steel plate 161100012
interior disc 161105011
interior plate 161107012
mating plate 161107015
interior disc 161123014
interior disc 161123015
interior disc 161156020
interior plate 161162023
counter/mating steel plate 161180020
interior plate 161227026
steel plate 161229030
interior plate 161328035
interior disc 161390050
interior disc 162078023
interior disc 162098014
interior sinter disc 162109010
interior plate 162139020
interior sinter disc 162225030
interior disc with sinter 162376030
interior disc 163116015
exterior disc 163140010
friction disc 163145040
interior plate 171104015
interior disc 171107015
interior plate 171110020
exterior disc 171123015
interior plate 171128020
interior disc 171170026
counter/mating plate 181088020
interior plate 181141023
exterior disc 331092060
outer disc/plate ANo12018St
outer disc/plate ANo160019St
Disc, shift clutch separator ANo160079
outer disc/plate ANo16044St
outer disc/plate ANo180046St
clutch plate ANo240016Si
exterior plate ANo26006St
final disc ANo26009St
outer disc/plate ANu06001St
outer disc/plate ANu090010St
disc ANu12009St
outer disc/plate ANu140040St
outer disc/plate ANu14041St
outer disc/plate ANu18009St
outer disc/plate ANu200029St
counter/mating plate ANu300017St
outer disc/plate ANu30012St
outer disc/plate ANu30014St
counter/mating plate ANu35011St
outer disc/plate AZa0311
outer disc/plate AZa08001St
outer disc/plate AZa090001St
steel plate exterior AZa120001St
Plate-sintered clutch AZa120005Si
counter/mating plate AZa120006St
Plate, sintered AZa140014Si
outer disc/plate AZa14002St
steel clutch disc AZa140042St
Plate clutch AZa140063St
counter/mating plate exterior AZa14013St
inner disc/plate AZa14018St
counter/mating plate AZa14022St
outer disc/plate AZa160018St
outer disc/plate AZa160030Bl
Plate-friction AZa160031Bl
outer disc/plates with grooves according to DIN 867 AZa160031Si
outer disc/plate NMV4/120 AZa160033St
outer disc/plate AZa16008St
Plate – sintered AZa180005St
Plate-faced clutch AZa180012Bl
Plate-faced clutch AZa180013Bl
Plate – sintered AZa180014BL
Plate – sintered AZa180015Bl
outer disc/plate with tooth system, wet and dry AZa18006Si
outer disc/plates according to DIN 867 AZa18011BL
outer disc/plate AZa200014St
outer disc/plate AZa200020Si
counter/mating plate AZa200031St
outer disc/plate AZa200035St
outer disc/plate AZa20025Bl
outer disc/plate AZa220001St
outer disc/plate AZa220006St
Plate, friction clutch (8.00) AZa220012St
outer disc/plate AZa220014St
outer disc/plate AZa220015Bl
Steel plate AZa220034
counter/mating plate AZa22007St
outer disc/plate with tooth system, wet and dry AZa240005St
outer disc/plates according to DIN 867 AZa24005BL
outer disc/plate AZa24010St
outer disc/plate AZa26009St
outer disc/plate AZa26010St
outer disc/plate AZa280020Si
Plate clutch AZa280020St
outer disc/plate AZa28010Si
outer disc/plate AZa35012St
outer disc/plate AZa40004St
counter/mating plate AZa400056St
outer disc/plate AZa450010St
Plate clutch brake AZa450019St
Plate clutch brake AZa450020St
Plate brake AZa450022St
Plate clutch & brake AZa450026St
counter/mating plate AZa45009St
Plate outer AZa500021St
Plate, master clutch separator IANo260014
inner disc/plate INo030001St
St-inner disc/plate INo05001St
inner disc/plate INo05003St
compression plate INo06005St
inner disc/plates with tufftridings INo06007St
inner disc/plate INo07001St
inner disc/plate INo07003St
inner disc/plate INo08004St
clutch plate INo09003St
inner disc/plates with tufftridings INo09010St
inner disc/plates with tufftridings INo10004St
St-inner disc/plate INo12002St
inner disc/plate INo12003St
inner disc/plates with tufftridings INo12008St
inner disc/plate INo12011St
steel clutch plate INo14002St
inner disc/plate INo14008St
counter/mating plate INo14013St
inner disc/plate INo16003St
inner disc/plate-St. INo16019St
clutch plate INo20006BL
counter/mating plate INo26001St
waved ring INu10001St
inner disc/plate IZa06007St
friction plate interior IZa070009St
discs, interior IZa0714104
inner disc/plate 521.11 IZa080014Si
core steel disc interior IZa08002St
pressure ring IZa08006St
inner disc/plate IZa08017St
friction disc with sinter IZa08027St
friction disc with sinter IZa08028St
friction disc with sinter IZa08033St
friction disc with sinter IZa08034St
friction disc with sinter IZa08035St
friction disc with sinter IZa08036St
friction disc with sinter IZa08037St
friction disc with sinter IZa08038St
friction disc with sinter IZa08039St
inner disc/plate Typ Lk2,5 IZa090023St
inner disc/plate IZa090027St
friction disc with sinter IZa090028St
friction disc with sinter IZa090029St
inner disc/plate IZa09002St
friction disc with sinter IZa090030St
friction disc with sinter IZa090031St
friction disc with sinter IZa090032St
friction disc with sinter IZa0900335St
friction disc with sinter IZa090036St
friction disc with sinter IZa090038St
inner disc/plate IZa090056BL
friction disc with sinter IZa090057St
Plate, separator IZa090069St
inner disc/plate 521.13 IZa09009Si
inner disc/plate 521.13 IZa09011St
inner disc/plate IZa09024St
inner disc/plate IZa100023St
inner disc/plate Typ Lkö5 IZa100034St
Plate steel clutch IZa100066St
interior disc IZa10026St
inner disc/plate Typ Lk10 IZa120026St
friction plate interior IZa12003St
inner disc/plate IZa120049St
inner disc/plate with org. friction material IZa120059Bl
inner disc/plate IZa12009St
inner disc/plate IZa12010St
inner disc/plate IZa120118Si
inner disc/plate IZa12045St
inner disc/plate IZa12086Si
inner disc/plate IZa12097St
sinus inner disc/plate IZa140080St
cutch plate IZa140100St
clutch plate, interior IZa140108St
driving plate IZa140109St
Plate clutch separator IZa140123St
clutch plate interior with friction material IZa140124St
sinus inner disc/plate IZa140135St
clutch plate, interior IZa140147St
inner disc/plate IZa14032St
inner disc/plate friction disc IZa14075St
inner disc/plate NMV3/90 IZa14077BL
inner disc/plate NMV4/120 K2CG IZa14077BL
clutch plate, interior with friction material IZa14084Si
disc IZa14096St
inner disc/plate IZa160046St
inner disc/plate IZa160079St
friction material IZa160092Si
inner disc/plate NMV4/120 IZa160116BL
Plate-separator IZa160122St
inner disc/plate IZa160123St
sinter disc interior IZa16018Si
armature pour disc with sinter intérieur IZa16021St
inner disc/plate 521.22 IZa16032Si
counter/mating plate IZa16037St
outer disc/plate IZa16054St
counter/mating plate IZa16060St
interior plate IZa16108St
inner disc/plate IZa180010St
inner disc/plates with tooth system IZa18002St
inner disc/plate IZa180064Si
inner disc/plate ø180 IZa180095St
inner disc/plate SL0218 buildup IZa18013St
inner disc/plates with tooth system IZa18016St
inner disc/plate 162 IZa18041St
inner disc/plate IZa18042St
Plate (steel) IZa18047St
inner disc/plate IZa18064Si
inner disc/plate IZa18080Si
inner disc/plate IZa1814279
inner disc/plate IZa200002St
inner disc/plate IZa200062St
inner disc/plate IZa200063St
inner disc/plate IZa200064St
inner disc/plate IZa200069St
inner disc/plate IZa200070St
inner disc/plate IZa20007Si
inner disc/plate IZa20017St
inner disc/plate wet application IZa20018Si
inner disc/plate wet application IZa20021Si
inner disc/plate IZa20036St
clutch plate IZa20043St
clutch plate, interior IZa20046St
core plate interior IZa20068St
Plate, driven (steel) IZa220025St
inner disc/plate IZa22011St
inner disc/plate IZa22014St
inner disc/plate IZa22020St
inner disc/plate IZa22036St
core steel disc for inner disc/plate IZa240044St
Plate parking brake IZa240056St
inner disc/plate ø233 IZa240068St
inner disc/plate IZa26004St
inner disc/plate IZa26028Si
interior plate IZa28014St
interior plate IZa30006St
inner disc/plate IZa30008St
counter/mating plate IZa30009St
clutch plate IZa350058BL
inner disc/plate IZa350063St
geared disc I 232x318x3 CR IZa35026St
inner disc/plate IZa35041Si
inner disc/plate IZa35046St
interior plate IZa35059St
core inner disc/plate IZa400038St
inner disc/plate IZa5014216BO
friction disc with sinter IZa900033St
friction disc with sinter IZa900034St
disc S0004051St
disc S0005028St
disc S0005029St
disc S0006027St
Plate S00240020St
counter/mating plate S00280013St
discs S140085St
spacer plate S160005St
spacer plate S160006St
spacer plate S160007St
spacer plate S160008St
spacer plate S160009St
driving plate S260010St
driving plate S280012St
driving plate S350011St
driving plate S350012St
driving plate S35006St
driving plate S35012St
driving plate S40009St
driving plate S45008St
inner disc/plate S5014217BO